Celebration of V Seminar about monitoring technologies on refrigeration systems in Almeria

Celebration of V Seminar about monitoring technologies on refrigeration systems in Almeria

To end our 2015 Events Programme, RefriApp presented in Almeria the wireless digital analyzer that monitoring HVAC and refrigeration systems, Metreco, manufactured by Panimpex, as well as other special technologies for the maintenance of refrigeration systems which RefriApp manufactures and distributesThe event, held on Monday 21st December at our facilities, attended by technicians and specialists in HVAC industry, who showed a great interest about the latest technologies on the market.

In the first part of the event, Nando Gutiérrez, General Manager of RefriApp, after welcoming the participants and summarize the details of the seminar, he made a presentation of the Refriapp business lines, including its products and services.


Then, the Technical Manager of RefriAppPaco García, made a technical introduction of the Metreco system. A wireless digital analyzer that measures and records real-time critical data of the refrigeration systems, including the COP.

After a coffee-break, the attendees saw the installation and operation of Metreco and ClimaCheck systems as well as comparative data between both systems running on a portable refrigeration circuit.

After that, Nando Gutierrez intervened again presenting the ultrasonic leak detection system, UltraProbe manufactured by UE Systems.


Finally, a Fri3Oil System practice was carried out in order to remove all contaminated oil in a refrigeration system.


This theoretical and practical event is framed within the cycle of Metreco (the wireless digital analyzer that monitoring HVAC and refrigeration systems) presentations that RefriApp held throughout this year 2015 (which we celebrated earlier in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Seville).

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