Flushing two flooded VRF condensing systems in Cataluña

Flushing two flooded VRF condensing systems in Cataluña

Last week RefriApp carried out a Flushing R&AC circuit service on two 32kW ARWN-320 LG HVAC VRF condensing systems where their heat exchangers got communicated. These R410A installations were placed in Barcelona and Reus, respectively. The first one had 7 indoor terminal units 50m in length and, the second one had 9 indoor terminal units 120m in length.


In the flushing process was used 10 kg of R407C, for the installation from Barcelona, and 50kg of the same refrigerant, for the one from Reus, which were recovered afterwards for its later use.

Using our patented system, the whole installation got clean and dry from water, acids moisture, oils and other contaminants with complete garantee. In this 2-day-operation, the client could avoid the whole installation disposal, after removing all water from inside with the unique HVAC and Refrigeration cleaning system,Fri3Oil System.