Mike Creamer: “Fri3Oil System has been an essential requirement to high levels of cleanliness on refrigeration systems”

Mike Creamer: “Fri3Oil System has been an essential requirement to high levels of cleanliness on refrigeration systems”

“Business Edge Ltd has been using the Fri3Oil technology for several years now on applications where flushing of either complete systems or systems section has been an essential requirement to exceptionally high levels of cleanliness so as to remove all traces or original / corrupted oil, acid, particulates and so on. Indeed, the Fri3Oil machine has also enables us to remove substantial quantities of water from systems, including compressor crankcases, where the evaporator on waters chillers has frozen and fractured, thereby allowing the chilled water system to flood the refrigeration circuit.

The Fri3Oil machine recovers refrigerant in liquid form at around 3/4 kg per minute into recovery cylinders and this saves an enormous amount of time, especially on those refrigeration and A/C systems where a refrigerant charge of up to 500kg may be involved, this otherwise taking days to remove. Having applied the Fri3Oil machine to a project where it is either necessary to remove all traces of mineral oil in readiness for the injection of synthetic oil when replacing the original refrigerant with a new refrigerant type, or where a system is corrupted with acid, the process delivers clean recycled refrigerant, a thoroughly clean system with all the contaminants neatly stored in a vessel for easy disposal.

Where acid formation within a system has occurred, leading to compressor motor burnout, failure to remove all traces of acid and particulates from the failed compressor motor windings nearly always leads to subsequent failure of the motor within the new replacement compressor, Consequently, it is essential to use the Fri3Oil technology to ensure an absolutely clean system before executing repairs, especially where compressor replacement following a burn out is necessary“.

Mike Creamer about Fri3Oil System

Mike Creamer. Managing Director at Business Edge Ltd.

About Business Edge

Business Edge Ltd is a specialist air conditioning and refrigeration technology company, acting as consultants  designers, trouble-shooters and as a certified training centre for the UK contractor base. In business since 1990.

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Héctor García: “ClimaCheck is like being inside the refrigeration system”

Héctor García: “ClimaCheck is like being inside the refrigeration system”

“ClimaCheck offers the most complete and accurate view can be had from a refrigeration system. It’s like being inside the machine”.


Héctor García. Refrigeration Technical Director at EKINSA Equipamiento Institucional.


EKINSA Institutional Equipment is a Spanish multinational company in the services sector incorporated in 1982. Comprised of over 50 professionals, we are commercially present in more than 30 countries through 4 international branches and 6 representative offices in 3 different continents.

In these last three decades Ekinsa has developed a dynamic diversification strategy, with presence in various markets, offering products and services in response to public and private sector needs in different areas: hospital, furniture and interior design, climate control and air conditioning, audiovisual systems, security and defence, engineering and custom projects, and integrated uniformity services.

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Pawel Sroczyński: “Thanks to Fri3Oil System we achieved 71% energy consumption drop”

Pawel Sroczyński: “Thanks to Fri3Oil System we achieved 71% energy consumption drop”

“We have been using F3Oil machine for 3 years. Mostly for VRF systems and split type units. We have seen in practice the efficiency and reliability of this technology. We’ve been truly positively surprised to see how pure the system can be after using the machine. We even had one case study with a renewal technology. We replaced the old R22 VRF System with the new R410A VRF Panasonic system. The Panasonic Inc. suggested that by replacing the old system and by using only oil filters( to recover old oils) we can expect the energy consumption drop by over 30%. Guess what ..? We used the Fri3Oil machine and achieved 71% energy consumption drop compared to the previous system”.


Pawel Sroczyński. Co-Owner ART-KLIMA Bieńkowski Sroczyński SP. J.


ART-Klima company thrives on the air conditioning market since April 2000Since then ART-Klima has undergone many transformations and modificationsAt the beginning of its activity company focused on sub-contracting and maintenance services as well as diagnosis and repair. Today, thanks to long experience, we have  we carry out investments in the key. We do work from concept through designsupply of equipment and complete constructionservice and repair, diagnosis, analysis of the accuracy and efficiency of the air conditioning systemsreconstruction and modernization of refrigeration and ventilation systems and replacement of old systems operating on R22 refrigerant for new retaining existing installation.

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