Fri3Oil System vs. Communicated heat exchangers water chillers

Fri3Oil System vs. Communicated heat exchangers water chillers

Last Friday March 11 at the RefriApp facilities in Viator (Almería), took place the celebration of flooded water chillers cleaning with Fri3Oil System training course.

Paco García-León, Technical Director of RefriApp, during the Fri3Oil System theoretical session.

This event, which was attended by businessmen and technicians from different regions of Spain was divided into two training days; the first one was focused on the fundamentals of oils and refrigerant gases, physical principles on which bases its operation Fri3Oil System and internal operation processes of this unique technology in the worldwide market. In addition to this first practice, it was performed a R&AC circuit with contaminated oil flushing practice.


The second training day, on this occasion a fully practical session, it focused on flushing a flooded water chiller. Specifically, a 18,40kW Saunier Duval Mod. SDHA 30 chiller with heat pump, operating with R407C.

Limpieza de circuitos inundados de agua

Water, oil and impurities extracted after R&AC circuit flushing with Fri3Oil System.

Fri3Oil System is the only fully automatic HVACR circuit cleaning system in the world market 100% effective. It is registered exclusively by RefriApp, and it allows oils removal, acids, water and other substances of any HVAC and Refrigeration system using halocarbon gases, CFCs, HCFCs & HFCs, and recycling of these gases.

This System utilises the existing system refrigerant for cleansing without any need for other consumables / cleansing agents, tha might otherwise be harmful to the refrigeration plant.

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