Fri3Oil System WAT!

HVAC&R circuits and refrigerant gases cleaning system.

Is the System able to recover and recycle all refrigerants?

Fri3Oil System can recover and recycle on site all halocarbon refrigerants: CFC’s, HCFC’s y HFC’s.

After one cleaning, is it posible to reuse the old recycled refrigerant with Fri3Oil System?

Refrigerants, once recovered and recycled, have a minimum quantity of impurities: less than 600ppm in the worst of cases. This quality makes them ideal for their reuse, with a total  security that they will not damage the equipment in which they are introduced.

Is it posible to extract WATER from a plant in which, for example a heat exchanger has been communicated, and it is flooded in water?

The cleaning of water is one of the most difficult(I´d rather say complex) practices we can do with Fri3Oil System, due to the problems of ice blockages that can be created in key points like: the dryer at the entrance of the main machine, or in the expansion valve.

However, and through a proccess which is perfectly explained in our training DVD, it is possible to extract until the last drop of water from any plant, saving this way these equipments that, otherwise would be disposed.

I have to RETROFIT from MO to POE, can Fri3Oil System help me in this task?

As we mentioned, it is a cleaning system for refrigerated circuits, that can also recover and recycle any halocarbon refrigerant at the samen time.

This means that, once we have recovered all the HCFC refrigerant from a plant, we will have reclyced it all and separated it from the MO that used to contain.

Therefore, if we proceed to the cleaning of the interior of the circuit,  we will assure the total extraction of the installation MO content, avoiding this way, a phase separation by an excess of MO and its mixure with POE. The HCFC would be kept and recycled, bieng idela for maintenance services until end of 2014.

Could the system be used to clean up recovered refrigerant which has been taken out of a plant and stored in a recovery cylinder?

YES, of course, and not only it can be recycled and reused without problems, but also that cylinder that stores the gas can be cleaned as well.

About the REA,what is it exactly, and what are its functions?

The REA is an 7,1ltr capacity External Oil Recipient, that mainly has 3 funcitons:

  1. Permanent REA: It is connected to the main machine on each cleaning. Its mission is to house all the dirt from the circuit interior: Oliz, acids, water, etc.
  2. Intermediate REA: This REA is placed between the Fri3Oil System main machine and a circuit in which, predictably/likely there is water. Its objective is to receive the major part of this water, in order to avoid it entering the machine and create obstruction problems. For further information, please consult our Training DVD.
  3. POE oils Handling: One of the principal uses of the REA by our clients is the handling of POE oils. It is used to store the spare oil. Once in the REA, it is pressurized by  the refrigerant we cose, in order to sep it untl it use, avoiding its damage by air exposition. For further information, please read the  Artícle 15, The REA, uses and applications.

In which installations can it be applied?

Fri3Oil System is valid for ALL installations containing halocarbon refrigerants, independently of its size.

For Information about special installations cleaning due to their big size, please consult clients/users FAQ´s section in our website, or our Training DVD.

I have recovered and recycled with Fri3Oil System 150kg of R-134a refrigerant from a plant, from which I have extracted 6 ltr. Of contaminated oil. What do i have to do with this contaminated oil? Should I throw it away? Can it be recycled? Who is in charge of that?

All this dirt is sent in a non-hermetically-sealed recipient to a waste dealer, like any oil coming from a recovery. The waste dealer will incinerate these products.

How do you know that the refrigerant has been cleaned to an adequate standard?

The System has been tested many times in lab and it always achieved a less than 200ppm result of impurities in the recycled refrigerant, in the worst of the cases.

What is an acceptable European Standard for the quality of refrigerant (Moisture Content (ppm), Particulates, Blend % Corruption, etc.

There are no fixed regulations about it, except ARI720 which affects to virgin product, and not recycled one.

Regarding the blends, there are only some doubts concerning those high glide products, like R-407C, that should be analized in case of doubt. In the practice, what professionals do is to recover this refrigerant in quantities of 1tn in a recipient, which is later sent to the waste dealer. The waste dealer, with the authorisation of the “patenter” will “re-compose” the product.

For the rest of the blends with low glide, no comprobation is needed. The performance of the product, and its vapur tension is very similar to the original one.

Does the Fri3Oil Machine Empty / Self-Evacuate itself thoroughly and to what level in order to avoid cross contamination when working with different refrigerants?

The Fri3Oil System main machine does not self-evacuate. It is necessary” an ordinary recovery machine, by communicating the high-low pressure, opnening the by-pass valve asd through the oil take, and valve 10 it is possible to extract all the oil remaining in the unit, except a few ppm that can remain inside the oil in the main mahcine compressor carter.

Is the FriOil Machine safe for use with Hydrocarbon Refrigerants?

Eventhough, inside the controller program, it is possible to find these refrigerants, and, technically it is viable, we decided to remove them, as they would not pass an explosion proof.

How is Oil Contamination between the System Oil and the Fri3Oil System Compressor Oil avoided?

It is not posible to do more of what physically the liquid separator does.

Nevertheless, there are little particles that pass with the refrigerant vapour to the compressor carter. For this reason, we recomend, not only to replace the oil when needed, but also to change it each 200working hours, as a preventitive measure, in order to get a better lubricity of the oil and compressor.

How can I clean the REA Fri3Oil System Vessels for future re-use?

The REA must be cleaned with the same principles that we use for any equipment, and that can be learned in the training course.

In the practice, refrigerant is injected through the liquid valve, sucking by the vapour one, and having placed the REA upside down. For the final recovery of the remaining refrigerant which there is from the vapour valve to the bottom, the REA must be tilted, in order to leave in the lowest point the vapour valve.

What UK companies will accept refrigerant recovered via the FriOil System which is sent to them for destruction? (The REA has to be returned or you must transfer to normal recovery Cylinder? This requires another Recovery Machine which in turn might become contaminated)

This question is answered in question no. 8

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Fri3Oil System WAT!

HVAC&R circuits and refrigerant gases cleaning system.

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A young and dynamic company backed by more than 40 years of experience in the refrigeration sector, and more specifically in the world of refrigerants, oils and the difficulties in the refrigerant circuits cleaning.

There are techonological advances in any trade sector. We try to gather the best novelties for the refrigeration systems services worldwide.

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