Pawel Sroczyński: “Thanks to Fri3Oil System we achieved 71% energy consumption drop”

Pawel Sroczyński: “Thanks to Fri3Oil System we achieved 71% energy consumption drop”

“We have been using F3Oil machine for 3 years. Mostly for VRF systems and split type units. We have seen in practice the efficiency and reliability of this technology. We’ve been truly positively surprised to see how pure the system can be after using the machine. We even had one case study with a renewal technology. We replaced the old R22 VRF System with the new R410A VRF Panasonic system. The Panasonic Inc. suggested that by replacing the old system and by using only oil filters( to recover old oils) we can expect the energy consumption drop by over 30%. Guess what ..? We used the Fri3Oil machine and achieved 71% energy consumption drop compared to the previous system”.


Pawel Sroczyński. Co-Owner ART-KLIMA Bieńkowski Sroczyński SP. J.


ART-Klima company thrives on the air conditioning market since April 2000Since then ART-Klima has undergone many transformations and modificationsAt the beginning of its activity company focused on sub-contracting and maintenance services as well as diagnosis and repair. Today, thanks to long experience, we have  we carry out investments in the key. We do work from concept through designsupply of equipment and complete constructionservice and repair, diagnosis, analysis of the accuracy and efficiency of the air conditioning systemsreconstruction and modernization of refrigeration and ventilation systems and replacement of old systems operating on R22 refrigerant for new retaining existing installation.

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