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Fri3Oil System

HVAC&R circuits and refrigerant gases cleaning system, unique in the market worldwide.

A Unique and Effective system

Exclusive Patent ownership by RefriApp.

Fri3Oil System is the only one HVACR cleaning system in the world market 100% effective. It is registered exclusively by RefriApp, and it allows oils removal, acids or water of any HVAC and refrigeration system using halocarbon gases, and recycling of these gases.

Fri3Oil System was originally developed for cleaning oils, acids, moisture, and other waste, any installation of refrigeration or air conditioning, using halocarbon refrigerants: CFCs, HCFCs & HFCs.

Multiawarded product

Fri3Oil System has received major international awards demonstrating that it is an innovative and unique product in the market worldwide

Removes acids to the last drop

Fri3Oil System is able to extract the acids generated by POE oils, to the last drop.

Currently, there is a big problem in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry due to the hygroscopicity of the polyol ester oils, POE, which are used with the new HFC gases. These oils, they are catching humidity, creating acids on his core that destroy the compressor and other parts of the installation.

Fri3Oil System is able to extract these acids to the last drop. In addition, our system is ideal for the recovery and cleanup “in situ” of all refrigerants, with a very interesting capacity of decanting: it is able to move more than 115kg / hour of R-22. This circumstance makes Fri3Oil System perfect for retrofits facilities with mineral oil, MO, a POE oil, with HFCs. That is commonly called retrofit.

Definition of the System

R&AC Circuit Flushing Practice

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