Tech Service Center

RefriApp repair and maintenance systems that we sell.
Repair and Maintenance Guaranteed
The after-sales service guarantees to all our customers, thanks to the team and technological resources that integrate RefriApp.

RefriApp conceives the perfect after-sales service from the counseling and care to offer the best solution to our customers. Doubts, special needs, unexpected failures or emergencies need to be answered as quickly as possible effectively.

We have an after-sales Service Center for Fri3Oil System repairs, national and worldwide.

Our mechanics team will update your F3OS to a Brand new state.

Tech Service Assistance
We guarantee the after-sales service center for repair our machines, around the country and internationally.

Tech Service Assistance Contact

  • Polígono Industrial La Juaida
    C/ Sierra Alhamilla, 47. 04240. Viator
    Almería, Spain
  • +34 950 304 479 (Assistance in Spain)
    +34 628 754 191 (International assistance)