RefriApp launches its Corporate Brochure

RefriApp launches its Corporate Brochure

RefriApp launched its corporate brochure which will be used to illustrate the different facets of this young company that manufactures and distributes special applications for maintenance of HVAC and Refrigeration installations worldwide.

The brochure showcases corporate philosophy and  its commitment with innovation, technological development and international expansion, in addition to a detailed review of its different technological solutions (cleaning, diagnosis and analysis and treatment of refrigerant leaks) and engineering services offered to HVAC/R sector.



With a clean and smart visual format and in just 28 pages, any professional interested in the company can get an initial overview of what does and what offers. The corporate brochure will be available in both print and digital format and can be downloaded on the official RefriApp website.

RefriApp is an engineering specialised in the maintenance of HVAC and Refrigeration systems. Our main goal is to lead refrigeration engineers to a more professional environment with appropriate technologies. There are technological advances in any trade sector. We try to gather the best novelties for the refrigeration systems services worldwide.