Mike Creamer: “Fri3Oil System has been an essential requirement to high levels of cleanliness on refrigeration systems”

Mike Creamer: “Fri3Oil System has been an essential requirement to high levels of cleanliness on refrigeration systems”

“Business Edge Ltd has been using the Fri3Oil technology for several years now on applications where flushing of either complete systems or systems section has been an essential requirement to exceptionally high levels of cleanliness so as to remove all traces or original / corrupted oil, acid, particulates and so on. Indeed, the Fri3Oil machine has also enables us to remove substantial quantities of water from systems, including compressor crankcases, where the evaporator on waters chillers has frozen and fractured, thereby allowing the chilled water system to flood the refrigeration circuit.

The Fri3Oil machine recovers refrigerant in liquid form at around 3/4 kg per minute into recovery cylinders and this saves an enormous amount of time, especially on those refrigeration and A/C systems where a refrigerant charge of up to 500kg may be involved, this otherwise taking days to remove. Having applied the Fri3Oil machine to a project where it is either necessary to remove all traces of mineral oil in readiness for the injection of synthetic oil when replacing the original refrigerant with a new refrigerant type, or where a system is corrupted with acid, the process delivers clean recycled refrigerant, a thoroughly clean system with all the contaminants neatly stored in a vessel for easy disposal.

Where acid formation within a system has occurred, leading to compressor motor burnout, failure to remove all traces of acid and particulates from the failed compressor motor windings nearly always leads to subsequent failure of the motor within the new replacement compressor, Consequently, it is essential to use the Fri3Oil technology to ensure an absolutely clean system before executing repairs, especially where compressor replacement following a burn out is necessary“.

Mike Creamer about Fri3Oil System

Mike Creamer. Managing Director at Business Edge Ltd.

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