Fri3Oil System evolve to WAT! Water Advance Treatment. Unveil at Chillventa 2016.

RefriApp is proud to announce the worldwide release of WAT! its band new HVAC cleaning system WAT! Water Advance Treatment at Chillventa, Nuremberg, stand 8/8-207.

This new model is a evolution of the successfull Fri3Oil System V.E.A.3, keeping strong points, with a wide range of improvements forward an easier, more intuitive and more automatic use. In this way, to highlight a new feature, there is an improvement to clean flooded installations.

Main changes outside: all controls are in the touchscreen and have been removed, from previous model, thermotast, expansion valve controller, gauges, …etc.

The sightglass is now next to touchscreen and is iluminated making easier its reading. It have been removed all manual valves, now they are automatic. New stickers desing.

Main changes inside: new software development to fit to new PLC and touchscreen, more powerfull, new analogic temperature and pressure sensors that allow to improve automation, easier to use and reliable.

New Hot-Gas feature added. This new function makes flooded systems cleaning faster due to it can melt blocks of ice injecting Hot-Gas in low pressure side.

WAT! is being unveil at Chillventa at this moment and will be on sale on November the 1st.

Our website will be updated soon with all features of this new model.