Climatherm-Energy 2016 has the presence of Fri3Oil System once again

Climatherm-Energy 2016 has the presence of Fri3Oil System once again

G.SOLDATOS & CO EE, Fri3Oil System distributor in Greece, exposes our patented HVAC&R circuits and refrigerant cleaning system (Hall 2, Stand 38) at the biannual event Climatherm – Energy 2016 which is taking place from 25 to 28 February at the Metropolitan Expo from Athens. RefriApp also has its own representation at the fair in order to support the dealer.

Fri3Oil System is the only automatic HVACR circuit cleaning system in the world market 100% effective. It is registered exclusively by RefriApp, and it allows oils removal, acids, water and other substances of any HVAC and Refrigeration system using halocarbon gases, CFCs, HCFCs & HFCs, and recycling of these gases.


Project founded in 1990, “Climatherm” started in the beginning as an annual event and since 1992 it was held every two years. Its long presence in the field has established it as the biggest sectoral exhibition in Greece and this is the basis for its prestige, value and fame. The principle of Project is also to make a step beyond the market’s conditions. Today, they are trying to listen to the sector’s needs. It is not accidental, therefore, that “Climatherm – Energy” is also active in Water Supply, Desalination, Ventilation, Natural Gas and Alternative energy sources.

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