Fri3Oil System WATEX

The R&AC Circuits Cleaning system.

The Evolution of a Unique and Effective system

Exclusive Patent ownership by RefriApp.

Today, there is a major problem in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry due to the hygroscopicity of the polyol ester oils, POE, which are used with HFCs. These oils take humidity from the ambient, becoming acidic. This acidity will harm the compressor and other parts of the installation.

Using the existing system refrigerant for cleansing without any need for other consumables / cleaning agents, that might otherwise be harmful to the refrigeration plant, Fri3Oil System WATEX allows oils, acids, water and other substances removal of any R&AC system.

Fri3Oil System WATEX is environmentally friendly, since it “recycles” refrigerants, avoiding their incineration. Fri3Oil recovers and recycles refrigerant from equipment destined for decommissioning/destruction, without any refrigerant emissions.

Fri3Oil System WATEX is the only automatic R&AC circuits cleaning system Worldwide 100% effective.

The Evolution of Fri3Oil System

In 2016, RefriApp launched its new model of the R&AC circuits cleaning system onto the market.

WATEX includes multiple improvements for easier and automatic handling, emphasizing the improvement in cleaning of water-flooded systems.

New Features

  • New “Hot-Gas” feature that facilitates the cleaning of water flooded circuits, melting any ice block instantly.
  • Elimination of external controls: everything is controlled and displayed on the graphic terminal.
  • Design update.
  • Complete modification of software: new PLC and graphic terminal, which complete the automation of the system.
  • Automatic high-low compensation, before starting the compressor.
  • Control sightglass: new position and lighting.

Business Partners in the development of Fri3Oil System WATEX

Gas Servei
Carburos Metálicos

Removes acids, oils and water

Fri3Oil System is able to extract the acids, generated by POE oils, water and impurities generated within the system.

Fri3Oil System WATEX in addition, is ideal for the recovery and cleanup “in situ” of all refrigerants, with a very interesting capacity of decanting: it is able to move more than 115kg / hour of R-22. This circumstance makes Fri3Oil System perfect for retrofits facilities with mineral oil, MO, a POE oil, with HFCs. That is commonly called retrofit.

Multiawared Product

Fri3Oil System has received major international awards demonstrating that it is an innovative and unique product in the market worldwide.
  • Enables: Quick and effective on site cleaning of systems following burn-out or breakdown.
  • Improves: The performance and operating performance of refrigeration plant, reducing running costs.
  • Extends: The life of plant by removing harmful contents.
  • Avoids: Costly refrigerant disposal by incineration.
  • Overcomes: The need to use solvents or cleaning agents to clean systems, by using the refrigerant itself as the cleaning medium.
  • Shortens: The time required to carry out remedial maintenance to return the system to full operating performance and efficiency.

Certified by Bureau Veritas ensuring:

  1. Refrigerants recycling quality is less than 150 ppm for HFC’s and less than 600 ppm for HCFC’s.
  2. The system cleans any residues, impurities and contamination from any RAC plant.
  3. Transfer capacity corresponds to the values expressed herein.

Safety CE Marking, endorsed by Spanish Notified Body ECA 0056, Madrid and Spanish Patent 2005 registered by OEPM.

All kind of Applications

Applications range using Fri3Oil System are wide. Highlighting among others the following:

Technical Specifications

You can see, by clicking on the next tabs, the main technical and operational specifications of Fri3Oil System.
  • Valid for use in all Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems.
  • Suitable for fixed and mobile equipment.
  • Valid for large, medium and small size equipment.
  • High speed recovery and recycling of all halocarbon refrigerants: CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s. Including for the first time those of type A2L such as: R32, R545A, R454C, R455A, R1234yf, R1234ze
  • System cleansing following a compressor motor burnout.
  • Total elimination of system acidity.
  • Dewatering installations where a heat exchanger communicates.
  • Conversion equipment to HCFC and HFC refrigerants MO and POE.
  • Pipes internal cleaning of solid particles from welding without inert atmosphere.
  • Refrigerants decanting.
  • Optimization of refrigeration systems in CAP and COP.
  • Decontamination and recycling of equipment that it will be obsolete.
  • Suitable for VRV/VRF, Chillers, Supermarkets / Hypermarkets, etc.

Fri3Oil System WATEX can recover and recycle halocarbon refrigerants with the following features:

  • Average pressure (R-12, R-134, etc.): 75 kg / h. Approx. liquid phase.
  • High pressure (R-22. R-404 AR-507, R-407C, etc.) 115 kg / h approx. liquid phase.
  • High pressure (R-410 A) of 135kg / h. Approx.

5% margin

It uses the same refrigerant that exists in refrigeration systems to remove all oil. After removing these oils, the unit has a liquid separator inside to recycle the refrigerant that is mixed with these substances.

  • Stainless steel Frame.
  • Refrigeration circuit: Copper tube.
  • Stainless steel Heat exchanger.
  • Air Condenser copper tube, Aluminium wing. Frame: galvanized steel sheet.
  • Machine Command: PLC and  touch screen. 20 languages.
  • Electric board: 1st quality products.
  • Total recquired power: 2Kw. Single phase. 220V. AC. 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Compressor: Rotary. Valid for all halocarbon gases.
  • Temperature and Pressure probes.
  • Temperatures: Thermostat and compressor discharge temp.
  • Liquid separator
  • Solenoid valve group: 1/4″ 3/8″.
  • Dimensions (mm) (long-wide-high): 660x400x630.
  • Weight (kg): 62.
  • Portability: 4 wheels, 2 handles.
  • CE Marking.
  • Bureau Veritas Certificate.

Operating Principles

Fri3Oil System bases its operations on three main physical principles:
  • Miscibility / refrigerant solubility with oil and of course with acid.
  • Settling density of the refrigerant / water / oil-acid and acid pressure drag.
  • Liquids separation by refrigerants evaporation.
  • Other physical principles occur in the process, like the pressure differential between injection and suction.
  1. Refrigerant Cylinder
  2. Raise/Drop levels
  3. Water
  4. Liquid refrigerant
  5. Oils + Acids + Suspended solids / Residues
  6. Control sightglass
  7. Expansion device
  8. Liquids separator
  9. Compressor
  10. REA (External Oil Container)

Definition of the System

Physical Principles

Training course WATEX at our customer facilities KOVOSLUŽBA OTS, a. s., Prague
Training course WATEX at our customer facilities KOVOSLUŽBA OTS, a. s., Prague
Cleaning a flooded of water Ciatesa chiller in Madrid
Cleaning a flooded of water Ciatesa chiller in Madrid
Flushing a supermarket in Madrid
Flushing a supermarket in Madrid
Flushing a Hitachi VRV System in Madrid
Flushing a Hitachi VRV System in Madrid
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