The wireless digital analyzer that measures and records HVAC and refrigeration system critical data in real-time, including the COP.

It allows quick inspections and early warnings

RefriApp distributes Metreco in Spain and Portugal, as well as training.

Of course it is possible to check COP factory settings of a HVAC & Refrigeration system. But that would be like believing factory denominations in a commercial car.

The truth is that COP of any system depends largely on the operating conditions. Therefore, there is no alternative to average it against the expected conditions, right? Wrong. Meet the new Smart-COP Metreco function.

The wireless measurement system provides the COP values. Fast, accurate and real-time. Imagine a refrigeration technician telling to his client: “I just improving COP from 3 to 4. This saves XXX, XX € a year. Your Welcome”.

Up to 10 sensors simultaneously transmit data to the handheld console

With Metreco is possible to demonstrate the energy efficiency before and after the intervention on the refrigeration system and the savings that made it possible.
  • 1 Charging station / case.
  • Metreco handheld.
  • 1 Low Pressure Sensor 20 Bar.
  • 1 High Pressure Sensors 50 Bar.
  • 3 Temperature sensors -50+150°C.
  • 1 Amp-probe with Rogowski coil.
  • Adaptor 220V / 12V.
  • Set of hoses & connectors.
  • USB cable.
  • Manual.
  • 1 Charging station / case.
  • Metreco Handheld.
  • 1 Low Pressure Sensor 20 Bar.
  • 2 High Pressure Sensors 50 Bar.
  • 3 Temperature sensors -50+150°C.
  • 1 Absolute Vacuumgauge with overpressure & ball valve.
  • 1 Amp-probe with Rogowski coil.
  • 1 Repeater (range extender).
  • Adaptor 220V / 12V.
  • 12V cigarette lighter plug.
  • Set of hoses & connectors.
  • USB cable.
  • Manual.
  • Dynamic real-time measurement.
  • Range: + 200bar.
  • Registration certificate data.
  • HFCs, HFOs, CO2, NH3.
  • Overheating, supercooling, Delta P & T.
  • Pressure and vacuum test.
  • Reporting and Audit Trail.
  • Customer database and system.
  • USB connection. No software needed.

A valuable tool for technicians and mechanics

Metreco technology allows mechanics to inspect the premises quickly and fairly accurate.

Metreco allows technicians and refrigeration mechanics to save energy, time and money. Now the measurement is mobile and intelligent. That’s Metreco.

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