The electronic remote system to detect and control refrigerant leaks on HVAC&R installations.

A simple and useful Leak Detection system

Product property of RefriApp and Al-Won companies.

The LECOsystem system provides a total solution to the needs of control and detection refrigerant leaks in commercial and industrial refrigeration facilities.

LECOsystem uses the fundamentals of thermodynamics, monitoring the installation, in specific operating ranges depending on the type of refrigerant used.

In case that the deviation of the operation of the installation is detected, regarding refrigerant thermodynamic curves, the system generates a local alarm and notify by mobile the situation for immediate intervention.

LECOsystem accomplishes the requirements of the R.842 / 2006 regulations. It is the first commercially available that actually facilitates the detection of refrigerant leaks minimizing their release into the environment in all applications of refrigeration and A/C.

System Advantages

LECOsystem offers a number of significant advantages in performance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy programming via mobile phone.
  • Full control of the refrigeration system.
  • Immediate or timed alarms notification.
  • Connection with coordination center to take action and storing historical incident.
  • Robust, compact and Universal.
  • Low cost.
  • Complies with R.842 / 2006 on the control and detection of refrigerant gases.

Main Applications

LECOsystem is mainly useful for these applications:
  • Specially designed to dectect refrigerant gases leaks in Refrigeration Systems.
  • Supervision of any industrial facility through its digital inputs associated with SMS alerts.
  1. Temperature sensor
  2. Pressure sensor
  3. Superheating
  4. Subcooling
  5. Discharge temperature
  6. Analog contacts
  7. Digital contacts
  8. Modem
  9. SIM
  10. Alarm message
  11. Possible installation STOP
  12. CRA notice
  13. User’s mobile
  14. Operator’s mobile
  15. Analog controls

Operating diagram

Functional and Technical Features

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LECOsystem bases its operation on a control system.

The system monitors the pressure and reheating temperature and, when necessary, the temperature and pressure of subcooling.

These checkpoints are specified indicating the type of refrigerant and the expected superheat and subcooling. When they leave the specified range, the system generates an alarm.


LECOsystem can manage alarms generated:

  • Local: performing one of the existing relays in the unit which can operate a siren, warning light or any other device installation.
  • Remote: sending alarm messages to up to two users and alarm receiving center.
  • It integrates virtually all commercial refrigerants.
  • It allows the leaks detection of loss of coolant through the supervision of overheating or subcooling the refrigerant circuit.
  • Each checkpoint the refrigerant circuit is configurable.
  • The drive configuration is done through:
    • SMS messages.
    • Console using commands.
    • Software programming.
  • There are two configuration areas:
    • User: sending alarms to two mobile phones user.
    • CRA: sending alarms to a central station.
  • Features:
    • (4) digital inputs associated with alarms.
    • (2) digital outputs.
    • (6) analog inputs.
  • The inputs and outputs are delayable.
  • SMS alarms are linked to the inputs and messages can be configured for both the central monitoring station to the user.
  • It is possible to remotely activate the digital outputs:
    • Sending SMS messages to the unit.
    • Linking output activation to activation of the inputs.
  • Accomplished with 842/2006 for control and detection of refrigerant gases.
  • Food from 12 Vdc to 30 Vdc with battery backup of 12 Vdc.
  • Communication mode: SMS / GPRS (GPS version).
  • Coolant Leak center: by controlling the supercooling point, overheating, comparison of temperatures.
  • Air Conditioning Systems: applicable to units: cooling only, heat pump, inverter, VRV, Centrifuges.
  • Refrigerants: HCFC: 22, 123, 124, 134A HCF: 236fa R401A, R401B, R402A, R402B, R407C R404A, R410A, R507, R413A, R422A.
  • Digital Inputs: 4, General Purpose and associated events.
  • Digital outputs: 2, activated remotely and by DI. Activation occurs via SMS.
  • Analog inputs: 6, 0-5 Vdc voltage. 3 for temperature probes. 3 for pressure transducers.
  • Programming: SMS and console.
  • Access passwords: by password to CRA and User.
  • Alarms: sent by SMS to the central station and the user. Alarms are programmable.
  • Configuration parameters: Thermodynamic Cycle, Limit Test Module SMS daily.
  • Frequency of sending test: no test, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • SMS limit daily: unlimited, 5, 20, 50 and 100 SMS.
  • Connectors: 1 x Antenna 1 x GSM SIM card.
  • Antennas: GSM.
  • Modem GSM: Telit.
  • Signaling: LED front for connection to GSM / GPRS network and state of inputs / outputs.
  • Compatibility with CRA: Use ContactID Protocol.
  • Safety: ABS IP55 insulation.
  • Supply: 12-30 Vdc With Battery 12 Vdc 1.3 A. 12 hours of autonomy.
  • Consumption: 12 Vdc: 35 mAh at rest. 150 mAh GPS running.
  • Dimensions: 244 x 194 x 96 mm.
  • Weight: 3 Kg.
  1. System installation.
  2. Placing the probes in the refrigerant circuit and the pressure transducers.
  3. Inserting the SIM card in the Lecosystem unit.
  4. Antenna placement.
  5. Connecting the rest of the alarms of the facility to the module.
  6. Powering the unit.
  7. Programming:
    • Cooling installation.
    • Reheat range.
    • Subcooling range.
    • SMS to phone users.
    • SMS to the central station.
    • Send text messages to the central station and users.
    • Other 3-4 system alarms.
  • lecosystem-elementosThe main elements of LecoSystem are:
  • High pressure transducer (TPA)
  • High temperature probe (STA).
  • PBX with GSM communication module (1.5).
  • Low temperature sensor (STB).
  • Low pressure transducer (PTB).
  • Coolant level detector (IN).
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