Lifa Air

Equipment for inspection and cleaning for circular and rectangular air supply and exhaust ducts and HVAC air handling and air conditioning units.

Pneumatic brushing for ducts cleaning

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LIFA AIR Ltd. is part of LIFA IAQ Ltd. group (founded 1988), which is a leading company in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) business in the global scale. Today the slogan “Solutions for Indoor Air Quality” describes the range of our state-of-the-art products and systems. LIFA AIR has two main product lines: Ventilation Hygiene and Building Protection.

Lifa Air manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for inspection and cleaning of ventilation and a/c systems. Lifa Air improves the Indoor Air Quality of any environment by integrating mechanics, electronics and information technology.

The Lifa Cleaning Concept consists of an evaluation procedure for estimating the need of cleaning and verification of the cleaning result, a mathematical model to select the cleaning brush and the cleaning methods of HVAC system. This ensures the best cleanliness result in minimum time and labour.

It can clean both circular and rectangular ducts

Lifa Air has a unique technology for cleaning rectangular ducts.

All Lifa brushing machines can clean round and rectangular ducts. The machines have been developed by trial-and-error in the field during past 10 years and are therefore very durable and easy to service and maintain.

The rotation direction can be changed using the pneumatic foot control. Changing the direction of rotation enables the user to navigate the brush through bends in ducts.

A video camera option is available for some Lifa cleaning machines. When the cleaning machine is equipped with a video camera, the user can inspect the efficiency and result of cleaning, view obstructions and check the automated steering devices via a TV monitor, during actual cleaning.

Cleaning Machines / Negative Air Vacuums

The Lifa HepaClean negative pressure vacuum / air cleaners are designed and engineered for construction and renovation work and ventilation cleaning.

They are also certified for asbestos abatement and removal of other hazardous dusts.

The machines are suitable for handling dry air containing dust such as asbestos, quartz, hardwood, mineral wool, microorganisms, mould and fungus spores, etc.

The multi-stage filtration system is designed so that each filter can be easily and separately changed: this minimizes replacement filter costs and airflow restrictions, and maximizes filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity.

The machines are built form steel and best possible components in order to ensure maximum durability and to withstand decades of use.

Lifa Air - Presentation

Robot DuctControl in a circular duct

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